NFC Guard Patrol

NFC Security Guard


The system is formed by tree base points:


  • NFC cell phone- a device for verification of presence;
  • NFC tag- a control point for verification of presence;
  • Software for system administration.

NFC- Near Field Communications the implementation of RFID technology in cell phones. The cell phone with NFC technology has the function of a device for data reading and writing on RFID chip. Two different types of cell phones can be used in our system: Nokia 6212 and Nokia 6131, which we have transformed with our software into devices for time attendance in business field. We thought of accessories , as well, which raise the robustness and functionality of the devices. Their usage is very simple: the guard nears the device (at the distance of a few centimeters) to the control point (NFC tag), receives a signal (vibration, sound), which confirms a registration and moves to the following control point. NFC cell phone transmits the data to the head office by mobile network. The system may be improved with some additional functions connected with an determined point of control (for example the light control, the lock, insertion of various status…) and to be equipped by a navigator, which directs the guard to the following control point.


NFC tag is a passive RFID chip. Its dimensions vary from 20 to 40mm and can be in the shape of adhesive, bracelet, pendant… In our system it has the function of a control point, which is touched by the guard with cell phone, thus registering presence. NFC tags operate through glass, wood, plastic and are adequate for outdoor usage. NFC tags allow a high flexibility in defining a guard’s routes, because they can be detached and attached on some other point. The change of guard patrol route is confirmed by using NFC cell phone, making the date precise in the system of administrator. NFC tags cost is less than other comparable solutions and allows a detailed definition of the guard patrol routes.


The software for the system administration can be used both as a web application and for an office. It contains all the instruments for the system administration (tag, zones, guards, routes, functions) as well as the module for data processing and relations. They are obtainable in two versions (Basic and Pro).


The NFC system advantages:

  • The system functions on-line (data transfer);
  • Printing interface brings additional functions;
  • Guard patrol routing between check points;
  • The registration of various events (visual inspection);
  • The change of NFC tags that are destroyed at the place;
  • The usage of similar NFC applications;
  • Multifunctionality of the device;
  • Telephone, SMS, MMS;
  • The registration of pictures, video and sounds;
  • Low cost of NFC device;
  • Low cost of NFC tags (more control points);
  • The simplicity of control point arrangement (adhesive);
  • Effective back-office system.

The business strategy from the MNO point of view

Case study

Sintal d.d. Slovenia

It is the leader firm in the field of security services in Slovenia. Their market quota is 38%. For years they have been trying to set up a system in the field of supervision that may respond to quality requirements demanded by their clients for security guard’s operation. The classical systems of Tour Guard Verification have never achieved significant results.


The approach of Adamsoft arise enthusiasm in Sintal from the very first meeting. In following ten days we set up a trial system which immediately changed the classical solution. The results are excellent: clients have the evidence (for one surcharge) for all guard patrols. Guards are to do their best in fulfilling their work.


Each error is noted and if necessary sanctioned.


State of the art


NFC technology represents a new approach for the present problems solutions of commercial activities. The NFC application for security guards will help you to develop your services qualities and the level of inner control of the business. It is an innovative approach which uses the latest results in the field of mobile technology and which forms the basis for creating of a competitive advantage and for reducing the costs.

Watch the video:

Video surveillance patrols NFC
Video surveillance patrols NFC short