iPad 2 nothing about NFC


The last 2nd March Steve Jobs presented the new iPad 2 at San Francisco ending with the rumors about its possible features.

After less more than a year from the beginning of the “tablet mania”, Apple Inc. presents a second version of its successful first tablet. Among the first innovative characteristics can be highlight its width reduction from 13,4 millimeter to 8,8 (a 33% less than its antecessor), its nine times higher velocity, its less weight (passing from 680 grams to 600 in the new model) and also its two installed camera (one in the back and another in the front side that will allow the videoconference). After affirming that 2010 was the year of the iPad, Steve Jobs pass to present the new device.

The iPad 2 could be purchased in two different colors, black and white and will have ten hours of battery duration. The price will be exactly the same as the iPad 1 one, departing from 499 dollars (about 360 euro) and will arrive to the shops on the 11th Mach in the United States and on the 25th in Italy.


Another technological innovation is the high definition incorporation, through a HDMI video exit adaptor; thanks to that the tablet could be connected to the television to see its applications while charging the battery.

The iPad 2 is the first of the Apple saga to incorporate the new version of the operative system iOs 4.3 which includes, a notably increase of the Safari Javascript performance, the possibility thanks to Airplay of watching the pictures and video in the television, some innovations in Faceime and the iMovie, that pretends to be a complete video editor allowing users to upload them directly to the web.

As expected by the rumors, it has also a dual core processor, the A5. Apple is going to launch six different versions of its new tablet depending on the connectivity and capacity. The capacity could be of 16, 32 and 64 GB while it could be choose with a Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi more 3G connectivity.

Despite all of these new features, experts say that the iPad 2 is not going to revolutionize the market as its predecessor did because it’s a simply evolution of the past model. Some of its lacks that were expected for the users are: the flash, SD cards able, USB connection, and the desired NFC for the mobile payment.

Although apple tried to destroy the rest of its the competitors, the lack of NFC technology is such a good reason to position the iPad 2 in a inferior level comparing to the last Android models with which Apple is in a continue fight. All the competitor accused of copying the iPad have gone one step forward including NFC in all their new devices as the Samsung Star or the Google Nexus S and the next GalaxyTab 2 of Samsung, which after Steve Jobs’ presentation decided to revise some technical details to compete with its rival.

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